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Tesco Safety Alert - Summer Working
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Tesco Property Newscast - Pedestrian and Traffic Management
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Tesco Property Safety Alert - Bypassing Safety Components
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Tesco Property Newscast - Fire Safety
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Tesco Safety Alert - Internal Hoarding incident
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Tesco Property Newscast - Asbestos
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Tesco Property - PPE
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This Page has been created to give you all of the information you need when using the Tesco Academy

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Short Video On How To Filter Enrolments
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Link To Academy Login Page

The Academy is where all training takes place, users can upload their photos, take their courses, download their certification and purchase new courses all from their academy. Please click here to access the Tesco Academy.


Tesco's custom login screen on elearning course created by Olive Learning

Purchaser Guide

The Tesco Academy purchaser guide shows you everything from logging in and your enrolments, to purchasing courses you need, uploading members, making payments and also lots of information on support if you need any. Please click here to download the pdf.




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To help you understand the training and the need for it properly, we have created a list of frequently asked questions. This covers everything from who has to be trained, why Tesco are introducing this new requirement, costs, how to register and much more. Please click here to download the pdf.


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Purchase Course For Existing Members Video
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Purchase Courses For New Members Video
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The Tesco courses are accredited by Rospa, UK’s leading safety certification body.


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